One Night in Osaka

My visit to Osaka wasn’t long but I noticed right away that the vibe is more laid back compared to Tokyo. Here’s what I did and where I stayed during my short trip.


Okonomiyaki Chitose

This place is very small, run by Chef Hideki Maeda and one waitress, but cozy. The service was wonderful and the food was great.

Okonomiyaki is a popular Japanese dish. It is called a pancake-like meal but is quite different.  Mr. Maeda mixed a batter with eggs and cabbage before putting it on the grill in front of me at the table.  Then he added the rest of the ingredients; I got shrimp. At the end, he topped it with sauce, mayonnaise, and dried seaweed.  The Osaka style of eating Okonomiyaki is to cut it into small pieces and directly from the grill with a spatula.

Batter and ingredients
Adding sauce and mayo
Lunch is served!


First Cabin Midousuji-Namba (Capsule Hotel)

This place isn’t fancy but for $60 a night and in a convenient location, it’s a steal. 

Amenities include:


•Complementary pajamas

•Sauna & spa

•Washer & Dryer

•Breakfast at a cheap price

Entrances to the rooms
The “door” for each room
Complementary Pajamas


Minami (Namba)

Minami, meaning south, is an area popular for eating and shopping.  It was about a 10 minute walk from my room.  I walked around the Dotonbori area and tried Takoyaki, another popular Japanese dish that is filled with octopus.

Running Man Sign


Parts of this district were modeled after Coney Island in New York City and Paris.  The Tsutenkaku Tower resembles the Eiffel Tower. The Okonomiyaki restaurant is close to this area.

Restuarants and Tsutenkaku Tower

Osaka Castle

The castle tower of Osaka Castle is modern and home to a museum about the Castle’s history.

Osaka Castle Tower

I plan to visit Osaka again but for a longer time. 

Places to visit during my next trip to Osaka:

•Universal Studios

•Osaka Aquarium

•Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade 


  1. Vincent C Stange
    March 2, 2018 / 3:37 am

    Sounds so awesome. I’ll be in Japan the last week of June until July 3. Will you be around?

    • quinncandace
      March 3, 2018 / 2:32 am

      I should be. I’ll keep you posted. And I’ll be in Cambodia March 26th and 27th. Will you be free?

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