Taste of Hawaii

There are many foods that must be tried when visiting Hawaii.  Loco mocos, spam musubi, and basically all the Japanese foods or anything from a food truck.  Here are highlights of what I ate while in Hawaii.

Poke Bowl

Poke (poh-keh) is a dish of fresh, raw seafood marinated in a sauce.  It is served by itself or over rice.  Salmon and ahi tuna are popular.  I am not a huge fan of raw fish but I had to try poke. I had the ahi and was able to eat about half of it before I knew my body would begin to reject it.  I actually enjoyed it and think I can now incorporate raw fish into my meals while living in Japan.

Shave Ice

Shave ice is a dessert made with finely shaved ice and topped with fruit.  I got the strawberry flavor which included soft ice cream, lychee and mochi.  I do not usually like the consistency of mochi but it was good with all of the other ingredients.  This was a great before dinner dessert 😏.

Top of Waikiki

Top of Waikiki is a revolving restaurant on the 18th floor on Kalakaua Avenue, the main street in Waikiki.  I’ve always wanted to have dinner at a revolving restaurant so it was great that it could be in Hawaii.  It took about an hour to complete one rotation of the restaurant so you can barely feel it moving.  I had the monchong fish for dinner which was tasty.

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