5 Essentials for a Long Flight or Day of Travel & Amazon Prime Day 2019!

I am preparing to travel to a new destination again but this time my journey will be different than ever before.  There are very few non-stop or one stop flights, if any, from Tokyo and for the dates that I booked.  I’ll need to make two connections to get there which is a first for me.  As I usually do before a trip, but even more now since I have such a long day of travel ahead, I check out Amazon for any goodies.  This time, I realized that Amazon Prime Day is coming up!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is a global shopping event where many products are sold at a discounted price.  Prime Day starts on Monday, July 15th (12 am PST) and ends on Tuesday, July 16th.  You need to be a Prime member before taking advantage of the sales.  There is a 30-day trial before monthly payments begin.

Travel Essentials

When I travel between Tokyo and NYC, a 13 hour non-stop flight, I truly get a lot done.  Read an entire book, listen to music, watch four movies, take a nap and will still have five hours left until landing.  Okay so I may be exaggerating, honestly just a little, but here are some things that get me through a long flight. 

1. Passport Case

I like to travel with a cute passport case that makes me smile.  These cases with travel quotes on them are fun and can also be personalized with your name.

2. Neck and Back Pillows

I recently posted on Instagram about how traveling with scoliosis can be uncomfortable.  I’ve found that a good back pillow makes a huge difference.  I’ve tried using the pillows they give on the plane, but they are too flat.  I also need to use a memory foam neck pillow for more support.

3. Compression Socks

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots in the leg, has sadly been too common in my family.  One of the causes can be sitting for long periods of time, so spending hours on a flight is not the easiest.  Standing, walking, or even just exercising your lower legs will help with circulation. Compression socks may also help.  Make sure you check with your doctor to find out if you should wear them because it can do more harm if not worn properly.

4. Books

I generally like to read hard copies of books but sometimes when flying, I don’t want to keep the overhead light on.  I will read on my phone or listen to a book instead.  I signed up for Audible because of the 30-day trial and two free audiobooks.  I’d like to continue to listen to books even when I am not flying, but not sure how long that will actually last.

5. Portable Charger 

I once boarded a plane and realized that my phone was on 2%.  I didn’t think it was a problem at first because I could just plug my USB chord into the port at my seat, but there wasn’t one on the plane!  I forgot to pack the portable charger that I usually carry around, similar to this one.



What are your must haves for a flight?  Write them in the comments!

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