Ways to Self Reflect

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you”~Jamilla Okubo 2019 Interactive Installation @ Hudson Yards NYC

This mural pretty much sums up how I spent my lockdown. Sitting on the couch, self reflecting. I’m sure being able to self reflect isn’t easy for anyone. I thought of the book, Mindset:The New Psychology of Success, that I received at work years ago. The department of education introduced the importance of developing a growth mindset in our students. The book described that people can go between two mindsets:  fixed and growth.

•Fixed Mindset- Avoids problems, often out of fear of failure

•Growth Mindset- Embraces problems as opportunities to learn

Mindset & Self Reflection: What Helps Me

Negative or Positive Self Talk

I check how I speak to myself when challenged and something doesn’t go the way that I thought it would.


Am I trying to focus on too many things at once and then end up losing motivation to complete anything at all?


Am I, or working towards, living the life that I’d like to live each day?

How do you practice self reflection? Take some time to do it today.

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