First Trip in Japan: Hakone

Since international travel to Japan isn’t an option right now, the government will launch a new campaign for people already in the country to travel domestically. It will offer large discounts for day and overnight trips from the end of July to August. Then from August to March 2021, some shinkansen lines will be cutting their ticket prices in half.

Of course the tourism industry isn’t doing well right now, but with virus numbers constantly increasing, it’s not the best time to start a deal like this. There have also been comments about excluding travel to and from Tokyo from the offer for the same reason.

I won’t be traveling to other parts of Japan right now, but I have been thinking about my very first trip outside of Tokyo to Hakone.

Transportation to and Around Hakone


The romancecar from Shinjuku to Hakone is about an hour and 30 minute ride. It is a little shorter and more comfortable than taking the regular train.

Hakone Ropeway

The gondola goes over Owakudani, an area formed after the eruption of the Hakone Volcano. Smoke and gas still rise from it till this day.

Stay tuned for more about the hotel, onsen, and a traditional Japanese meal!

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