A Summer Experience: Wearing Yukata

Although we are no longer on lockdown, things aren’t back to “normal.” Summer time in Japan is typically full of festivals and other fun activities. A lot of big events have been canceled and it’s still recommended to practice social distancing.

Around this time two years ago, my sister came to visit and we explored a lot of Japan. We got a chance to dress in yukata and take pictures at  Sensō-ji Temple. A yukata is a kind of kimono that is worn during the summer and usually made of cotton to keep cool. Many years ago, people wore them after a bath and to sleep in. They were not as colorful as they are now. Today, people wear yukata to watch popular firework shows. Both the yukata and kimono are worn with a belt (obi) with a large bow for women and traditional wooden sandals (geta). 

We rented yukata from a shop called ‘Yae’ in Asakusa, very close to the temple. We purchased tickets from the kkday website and it cost about $30 for both of us combined. We booked an 11 am appointment because we knew it would be a long process.

  1. Choose your favorite yukata design and bag
  2. The staff helps you find the perfect obi to match and dresses you
  3. A hairstylist styles your hair (They weren’t sure what to do with natural hair or braids, so they asked if it was okay to just add accessories😆)
  4. Choose matching sandals

It took close to an hour to do everything and getting dressed took the longest. We walked to the temple and, since it rained the whole day, took pictures there until we needed to return the rentals later that evening.

Pictures and Video of the Day

Getting dressed (sped up version)

Have you ever dressed in yukata or traditional clothes from a place you’ve visited?

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