Can You Scream Inside Your Heart?

I LOVE going to amusement parks and riding roller coasters and rides. Once you get past waiting on line forever, nothing beats the rush of adrenalin while on one.

Tower of Terror ride at Tokyo Disney Sea
Tokyo Disney Sea

Rides at Tokyo Dome City

Parks in Japan have started to open again but there’s a catch. You can’t scream on rides! To stop the spread of COVID, amusement parks are asking riders to wear masks and to “scream inside your heart” instead of at the top of your lungs while you drop.

I’d never be able to hold in my scream but apparently it’s possible for some. Two execs showed us how it’s done on the “King of Coasters” Fujiyama ride at Fuji-Q.

Do you also love roller coasters? Could you hold in your scream?

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  1. Quinn Lillie
    July 31, 2020 / 2:28 am

    That will be very hard to do! 😂

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