• 10 Things I Learned in 3 Years Living Abroad

    And just like that, it’s been three years since I moved to Japan. When …

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  • July 2020 Reflections

    I just finished a blogging consistency challenge that I joined earlier this month. Within the …

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  • Can You Scream Inside Your Heart?

    I LOVE going to amusement parks and riding roller coasters and rides. Once you get …

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  • My Struggle Learning a New Language

    In, Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving Abroad, I shared that one thing I …

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  • New to Nihon

    New to Nihon

    On Friday, August 4th, I boarded a delta flight en route to Japan (Nihon or Nippon in Japanese).  I had a short layover before the long haul, which I usually hate, but spending a little extra time in the US…

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